Travels: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Batu Caves

We spent more time at Kuala Lumpur at the end of our 2week trip and had barely made plans on what to do in the city by then. We were tired, but we knew that we should take advantage of our time there even though we were kind of itching to go home. The Batu Caves came up as a place to visit in KL in several blogs and forums, so Batu Caves is where we decided to venture to!

The statue you see when you start wandering towards the Batu Caves. It’s huge! There’s also a Hindu shrine behind it.

The area is breathtaking for sure. You literally have to bend your neck back to look up towards the top of the cliffs. There’s a little entrance on the right, you can see it in the corner of the picture, where the yellow sign is hanging. You have to pay 1 ringgit (like 30 cents) to get in.

Inside that cave is a bunch of figurines and models. I’m guessing that it’s telling some story about a Hindu god? I’m not sure, but what I do know is that having all these models in the caves made the place look really average. There’s even a waterfall in the cave and it’s blocked off by a bunch of statues. I thought that was kind of poor form as the caves should be complimented, not overrun by plastic figurines.

Sobe, VD, and I at the entrance of the main caves! Behind us is the world’s tallest Murugan, a Hindu diety, statue. It was a pretty amazing sight.

Time to climb the stairs! 272 of them. 😀

The view inside. There are a few shrines placed in the cave. The main one is up the second set of stairs you see in the picture.

Here is a picture of what a shrine looks like. There were a lot of people getting their children blessed.

Guess we got caught staring because he invited us up and we got blessed as well. Hehehe.

So after roaming around a bit, we decided to walk back and check out some of the souvenir stands and we heard a girl next to us screaming. Oh, it was just a monkey.. who stole her plastic bag of bananas. Hahaha.

Picture of monkeys on our way down. I think we were so focused on making up all 272 steps without falling that we didn’t notice the monkeys. They are everywhere!

VD getting henna on her hand on our way back to the subway.

Directions: The Batu Caves are easy to get to since it’s right off the subway station and the station is the end of the line as well. Just go to the main KL Sentral Station (all subway lines go to KL Sentral) and find the Komuter train to ask for ticket. It will say BATU CAVES on the KL subway/train map. Once you get off the stop, take a right to exit the subway station and the path will lead you to the large statue you see in the first picture. Keep walking straight and you will eventually see all the stairs leading up to the cave area.

Tip: – Buy water or whatever you need beforehand or near the subway station since they jack up the prices closer to the caves. – Do remember to take off your shoes when you visit some of the other shrines around the area! We made the mistake of walking around with flipflops on and people started staring at us. OOPS. – Always bring smaller bills since the ticket machine won’t take large ringgit bills, but there is a ticketing officer to help if need be. It’s just that faster you get your ticket the better since the train takes its time to take off and so if you miss it, you’ll be waiting a bit.

Overall: I really liked the Batu Caves. The negative part would be that I don’t think the caves are really highlighted. At one point I looked up at the caves and then look around me at all the souvenir stands, food stands, hustlers, etc. Odd feeling. I still think it’s a must visit in KL though. Enjoy!

**This blog post is part of my 2week trip to Malaysia/Cambodia/Vietnam. Click on the link to see what else I’ve done!


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