Travels: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Dimsum in Chinatown

We were lucky to stay in a hostel near Chinatown. No matter what country I’m in, Chinatown is where it’s at when it comes to food or shopping or both! I always prefer both. 🙂

One of the girls I was traveling with, Sobe, really wanted to eat dimsum in Malaysia. There’s a really large population of Chinese Malaysians and so she was sure that dimsum would be on point! I’m always down for dimsum as well.

If you don’t know anything about Chinatown in Kuala Lumpur, there is one main street called Petaling Street that is the hotspot for those who want to go discount shopping. Prepare to haggle and approached by many vendors!

This is the entrance to the Petaling Street. Watch out for motorbikes and cars!

To find the restaurant we ate dimsum, go into Petaling Street and just look for this sign on your right.

They hand you a picture menu. I love picture menus!

We got there pretty late because we got lost trying to get to this other dimsum restaurant that didn’t exist. Haha. The lady just put whatever they had left on a cart and pushed it towards us.

Picture of what was available at the time. They ran out of these other dumplings we liked. Sadface.

All picked and ready to eat! It was soooo good. You could tell it was sitting there for a while, but that’s mainly our fault for not coming to the restaurant earlier. It’s hard to find decent..actually pretty impossible to find decent dimsum in Seoul, so this meal tasted even more amazinggg.

Directions: Our hostel, Reggae Mansion, is right off Masjid Jamek station. When you get out of the station, take a right and go straight. You will actually see Reggae Mansion coming up on your right corner. You really can’t miss it. Take a right at Reggae Mansion and go straight.. forever. Haha. You will eventually see the gate to Petaling Street. If not, just ask someone because everyone knows where it is. It’s fun walking around the area!

FYI: We didn’t really roam Petaling Street because we were some broke ass hoes and could not afford anything by the end of our 2 week trip. Haha. It is worth checking out, especially if you want to shop.

TIP: Save your souvenir shopping for your visit to Central Market!

**This blog post is part of my 2week trip to Malaysia/Cambodia/Vietnam. Click on the link to see what else I’ve done!


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