26: the beginning of the end of my twenties?

Well, another birthday has come and gone! It wasn’t nearly as brutal as some of the ones in the past. I think it was when I turned twenty two that I would start to dread all the birthdays afterwards. I’ve grown this weird phobia of getting older and stressing how I needed to seize each day while still being considered “young”. Hahaha. I laugh.

A few more years pass. Oh, good. I’m twenty six now.

It’s strange though, I didn’t have much of an emotional reaction to my birthday this year. I had to be reminded to make plans and constantly forgot it was coming up. I want to say that by now, I have accepted that people age and will always age. I’ve have learned that you grow older, not just by counting birthdays, but also by counting experiences. Perhaps I’ve gone though so many diverse types of experiences these past (almost) two years living abroad that counting birthdays has less meaning compared to counting… let’s say, countries I’ve visited.

I was asked by a friend to reflect and recap my past year during my birthday dinner. It was an interesting request. All I could say was that I have completely enjoyed my twenty fifth year as the one year that I was completely happy with where I was. It was the one year in a long time that I didn’t feel like I was in transition to something greater.

However, here I am, back in transition as I finish up my second year teaching in Korea. I’ve been cringing this upcoming part of my life for the past few months, but I think I’m ready to embrace the unexpected! The only thing I can hope to do is stay productive, stay in touch, and continue to learn.

Whooo, twenty six is twenty sexayyy. Hahaha. Jeezus.


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