This is what passion looks like!

I love keeping up with the internet (well, I try to) because it’s just one big massive movement. It’s really interesting how people move as a flock, determining what is popular or not, when they don’t even know each other. I think it really strings people together to laugh, get angry, or even cry at the same things on the internet.

This video has been making rounds among the people of my facebook social circle and wow, it’s simply amazing. This one video has inspired so many people, but the best part about it is that it’s from a 9 year old’s dedication to improve and share his love for arcade games.

No equipment? Use cardboard. No customers? Wait. No automatic ticket dispenser? Get down on your knees and push it out yourself.

I am amazed and I am inspired…. by a 9 year old. It’s also so magical how it only takes one person to recognize your talent and your work to open doors for you. Keep at it and great things will come, but the best part of it all was that you really didn’t care. Just working at it everyday made you happy.

Kid, you’re awesome.

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