Review: Soondae Stew 순대국

I’m pretty sure that I have made it perfectly clear that I love soondae. mMmmm!!! It is THE one and only Korean comfort snack/meal.

There’s this restaurant down the street from my building that I randomly tried with a friend a few months back. I’m so glad that we did because now I just go there on my own since it’s so darn yummyyy. 순대국 (pronounced Soon-dae-guk) is Soondae with all the side trimmings in stew form. Take a look!


There are pieces of soondae, liver, cartilage, and pork belly in the stew. Pretty sure there are other mysterious meats in there as well. The dish is served pipin’ hot, so be careful!


There is usually a large clump of pepper paste seasoning in the stew. You have to find it and mix it in until it turns a reddish hue. No worries, this pepper paste mixture isn’t particularly spicy, but it does make a hell of a difference! Without the paste, it tastes pretty bland.


Above is all the side dishes you need! The restaurant in Amsa has two different types of kimchi and both are extremely delicious. My favorite is the garlic stems (next to the onions and green peppers). A lot of people don’t know how tasty those are! My family used to grow and pickle them when I used to live in the country. I was super excited to see them served with this meal.

순대국 restaurants are everywhere! Definitely make sure to try them out and go to restaurants that specialize in them. The one in Amsa prides themselves on making their own soondae and being open 24/7. Lucky me!!


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