What’s for lunch?

I wrote about cancelling my lunch at school on a different post. I randomly take pictures of what I’ve been eating this semester. It can be annoying to pack it the night before, but it’s good to portion control and well, just over eat on vegetables. Haha. I’m not on a mission to lose weight (let’s be clear on that), but I am trying to be healthier since I quit smoking as well. Honestly, it’s kinda fun to make your own lunch. ㅋㅋ

The pics are from most recent to … uh, not recent? Haha. Ch-ch-check it out!


This is my lunch today! Underneath the vegetables are a layer of thinly sliced cabbage.


I made this the other day because I had a couple of left over vegetables. Just chopped up what I had and threw it in with some boiled pasta. Mayo + mustard + random seasoning + touch of ranch (just because).


If I know I am done with classes earlier in the day, I usually take a snack as well. I read that you should always buy fruit that are in season to save money and so I’ve been binge eating on strawberries. Love my tupperware set!


Sometimes I just buy a roasted chicken from this vendor outside of the Amsa subway stop because I feel lazy and don’t want to cook chicken breasts all week. I had instant mashed potatoes from the states so I made this meal.


I also pre-boil eggs a lot.


This is what my salads looked liked before I started to know what I liked. Haha, mess!


There’s this chicken place that delivers to my house. They have this huge box of oven baked chicken that I would buy in bulk and use for the rest of the week. Yummm, but pretty sad looking salad there.


These are the fruits that were in season in Korea for the first few months of 2012!


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