Testing 1, 2, 3…


You won’t meet a teacher in middle or high school that doesn’t look forward to midterms!

+ All classes are cancelled.
+ The school ends around noon for at least three days and it’s likely that you will be able to leave work before 2pm.
+ You are paid to do show up and do nothing.

+ When classes do start up again, the kids aren’t as motivated.

I asked to help proctor a test this year because I wanted to observe my students doing things outside of my class. Sometimes I feel like I’m not part of the actual Korean academic program at school since my classes are more of an extracurricular conversation class compared to a fundamental subject class, like history or science. I’ve already recognized that the average student in my class probably doesn’t focus or take my class as serious as other subjects. It’s partly why it is hard being a conversation teacher.

My co-teacher was kind enough to let me help her proctor their last midterm. The midterms are held for a total of three days. There are two midterms each day and one testing period is about 45 minutes. The six midterms are for their core subject classes and the one I helped proctor was for their chinese character class. I’m not entirely sure what subject it was and it was hard for my co-teacher to explain it to me, but I got the gist that the students were being tested on certain chinese characters and their meanings. Although I didn’t see any chinese characters on the test… hahaha.

I did catch a student cheating. I debating for a second or so on whether or not I should tell my co-teacher because I remember when I used to cheat. Haha. However, a teacher has to be a teacher right? We caught her red handed. I did feel bad though, because the school decided to give her a zero for the test and she was weeping all over the place. Oh well, she was gonna learn one way or another — you can’t cheat through life.


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