Well, I guess it’s that time where I’m in a blogging slump. Oh dear… I do think about what I should blog about all the time. In my head, there’s about 8392843 blog posts that I’m behind on at the moment. Haha. I’ve been running around, trying to do my best in soaking up what Korea has to offer and making sure I don’t miss doing anything before I leave.

I do have to say, “blogging” on tumblr is a lot more convenient, but I wouldn’t really say it’s blogging. To me, sincere bloggers take time to relay what they think or how they feel through the various posts they publish. Tumblr, to me, is like twitter — just updating a few sentences or random pictures, quotes, blah blah. With that said, I don’t regret starting my tumblr account and I’m actually very glad that I started by It serves it’s purpose of giving people a glimpse of how I spent my last months in Seoul. It’s really fascinating to go back and see everything that I’ve done in the past 40~ something days.

The reason I am writing this message right now is because I had a chat with two district teachers who commented that they have been following my blog. It made me realize that I haven’t updated in a while. Haha. Which is why…

I, Stellaface, solemnly swear to update a post on wordpress at least once a week.. errr, once every two weeks?


Thanks for finding me somewhat interesting. BRB. I swearrrrrrr!


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