Review: Cat Cafes

Cats + Coffee = Cat Cafes. Meow.

Cat Cafes are all over Seoul. It’s a very simple concept. You get some cats, throw them in a room with some toys, and serve some coffee. Genius though, isn’t it?

Last week I went to my third cat cafe in an attempt to liven up my 100 day countdown. The past two times I’ve gone, I had very little interaction with the cats because there are either a lot of people or well, you can’t really force a cat to come to you. Haha. I was reminded, once again, that I am definitely a dog person. I love the rough housing and the cute attention hoggers that dogs are. Cats are… just… there. Nevertheless, I had a great time and I hope you are able to attend one of these interesting cafe concepts!

All cat cafes are relatively the same. In order to play with the cats, you have to order a drink for around 8,000won. You can usually stay as long as you like. Make sure you use hand sanitizer beforehand!

Our drinks! I ended up getting peach ice tea and I realized later that I always ordered something else besides coffee. I guess I don’t think coffee and cats should mix. Haha.

The rules are pretty similar at each cat cafe as well. I have trouble with #3. I can’t help it, I have this urge to pull their tails. O.O

Kitty play area! Cats at the other two cafes I’ve been to have been really dull. This cafe was really great at helping keep the cats active. I loved the really fat one on the right. ㅋㅋㅋ

The owner helped us get the cats’ attention by giving us free chicken treats. It was so fun being surrounded by all of them! Haha. Makes for a good photo op.

Hi there!

Overall, it was a fun experience. It was nice to sit back and catch up with friends while cats are roaming all around you. I will say that it was an advantage to go to a cafe during the weekday and not in a major city. This one was in the town next to me, so we had all the cats to ourselves pretty much.


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