The Twenties


Less than a month left and I’m slowly starting to pack up my belongings to ship back to Georgia. I’m realizing what a headache it is to end a part of your life at a specific location! I mean really, it takes a small mental toll on someone to pick up their belongings and move somewhere else. Haha. I guess it’s a different experience for me because leaving Georgia for Korea was easy breezy since I was still living with my parents and nothing was “legally” under my name. Here I am now, having to make plans to ship things back, paperwork to close my bank account, getting my last paycheck, and ETC. Aiyahhh!

I made some progress today by requesting my end of employment letter from SMOE and looking up what to take with me to claim my Korean pension tomorrow. (I’ll blog about the pension system at a later time.. hopefully… muaha)

So far, my stress is pretty low and I don’t feel too frustrated. I’m trying to take everything in stride. I think I got lucky that my work visa doesn’t expire till September 23rd instead of August 24th — which is when our contract ends and it means I don’t have to sprint out of the country in order to not be in Korea illegally. I can take my time and stay a couple more days while I sort things out.



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