My Life in Boxes

I guess it may seems silly to call a box of clothes and shoes as packing up my life, but I do believe you are what you wear, what you eat, what you… whatever else. I spend quite a long time browsing for clothes to show off a part of my personality or comfortable shoes to carry me around and back home. Although I have realized, while cleaning out my closet, that I may have a problem with buying too many cheapy tshirts. Haha. To my defense, shopping is Korea is just too good to pass up!

I wanted to document how I started to slowly move out of my apartment. A good friend of mine told me that I should act like I’m moving out a week beforehand, so that I don’t feel so overwhelmed later. Good advice, because that is exactly what I aimed to do!

The first thing I did was to separate my closet into three piles. Yes, I took out every single piece of clothing I owned. O.O The first pile were for clothes I wanted to have with me while I traveled, the second were clothes I wanted to send home, and the last pile being donations. Then I focused packing up what I wanted to send home while looking through the pile one more time. I’m glad I did that because I ended up donating more clothes. The golden rule is to donate it and not look back. If you didn’t wear it then, you ain’t gonna wear it tomorrow.

Time to pack things up and ship these babies out! There are two ways you can do this. One is to shove all your clothes into a suitcase and taking that to the post office to pack the boxes on location. This is a plus because everything you need is there and you don’t have to lug boxes to the office later. Second way is to go ahead and buy the boxes to pack and stuff at home. The plus side is that you can take your time. You won’t be stared at and asked questions. Haha.

I chose the latter and bought boxes on my way home. The post office is only three blocks away from me. I stopped by and asked them for the largest boxes that were allowed as boat shipments. This is VERY important! Sending boxes by ship is a lot cheaper, although it takes about two to three months to get delivered. However, those with a lot to send home or not wanting to worry about carrying so much home themselves, shipping by boat is the best option.

I was told to try to wrap everything up since the ship can get kind of humid and the boxes might be tumbling around everywhere. Unfortunately, you can’t find huge trash bags in Korea. They simply do not exist. So, I kind of got creative. Hahaha.


I found these really cheap thin plastic covers that look like what dry cleaners use to cover your clothes when you pick them up. I got like 20 in one pack. I had a lot of winter jackets and stuff so I covered them in the plastic, then proceeded to roll them up to conserve space. Afterwards, I wrapped the entire thing in plastic wrap. It may seem like going overboard, but I don’t want my clothes to get musty or damaged by humidity.


I also bought these fan stand covers from Emart. You get two for 900won! They are really just like thin fabric bags and I stuffed BILLONS of clothes in it, then saran wrapped it as well. Ahaha. Packing got serious.


These are the size D boxes for shipments by boat. They are the biggest you can get. You are allowed 20kg (roughly 44 pounds), so stuff as much as you can! At the most, the box will cost 50,000won. Even my heaviest boxes were around 39,000won. It wasn’t bad at all!


You can pick these package labels up or just fill them out at the post office. Just take your boxes there and they’ll do the rest!

Packing takes a while, but it’s kind of a nice feeling to start wrapping up my life in Korea. One step at a time.


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