the end that was near is finally here.


Rice cake galore!!

While working as a teacher the past two years, I noticed that other teachers who either left or were entering as a new employee would pass out rice cakes or small presents for everyone at school. The usual gifts were rice cakes. Rice cakes are really incorporated into all major functions/holidays/celebrations in Korea. So, it makes sense to see them floating around in the beginning of the school year when the largest transition of teachers and staff happen. I decided to do something similar as well since I was leaving after serving as the only English conversation teacher for the past two years.

With the help of my co-teacher, I went to a local rice cake shop and ordered 85 individual wrapped ‘honey ricecakes’ to be passed out to every person at my school (including administration, cleaning staff, etc.). I picked this particular type of rice cakes because they are my favorite. They are rolled into little sticky balls filled with a spoon of honey/sugar that melt in your mouth. It is sooo good and usually eaten during happy family celebrations such as Korean thanksgiving (Chuseok).

I’m glad I did it because everyone was super happy and appreciated my gift. I especially enjoyed everyone eating it all around me. Good to see I picked the right kind of rice cakes for them to enjoy. It made me happy to see them stuff their faces and thank me between bites. ๐Ÿ™‚ The total was only 90,000won for 85 packages! It was 900won per pack but they charged me extra for packing (with toothpicks LOL) and delivery. I thought it was good deal.

If you leave school, the general notion is to get your principal and vice principal a present as well as the teachers in your department. However, I wanted to get everyone something as a whole just because I’ve gotten to know more of the members of the school besides the English department. Besides, I’m pretty sure you’ll be remembered for a long time since foreigners don’t really do grand gestures like buying rice cakes for everyone. Although I didn’t understand all the fuss because ย it was something I saw everyone else do, but I’ll take the compliments! ๐Ÿ˜€


Awh, my desk is all cleared and cleaned. My first desk at my first job on my last day. Goodbye!


I left school a bit early to go move out since my aunt came to help me around 3pm. I was running around, trying to finish up some errands thatย I wasn’t completely readyby the time my aunt came. Haha. She kept pushing me to hurry up and so we ended up moving out within like 40 minutes? Seems like record time to me. I barely had time to say my goodbyes to my first apartment that I shared with NO ONE. For the first time I was alone to do whatever I wanted and whenever I wanted. I will miss you Amsa!!

anddddd just like that, I’m back in limbo. ๐Ÿ˜›


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