2013: What is in store for me this year?

Happy New Year!

I figure that I should do a little write up of what I’ve been up to since my last update… which was… in August…

Let’s see, I finished up my second year contract for SMOE (teaching in Seoul) in late August. I visited family for two weeks and made another two week pit stop in California (LA/SF) before I finally landed back in good ol’ GA in September. Things really slowed down once I got home. Although it was nice seeing everyone again, it was definitely different because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to stay in GA for good or to think of my time as another pit stop. I’ve been worrying a lot and eventually decided to make it in Atlanta. Job searching and scoring an internship (non-paid, but worthwhile) kept me busy for a bit.

I think I was pretty lucky to come home during the holidays. It made time go by in a way where I didn’t always feel like I should be working harder to find a job. However, holidays do end and my worrying has begun again.

I was hoping by now that I would have more than an inkling of what I wanted to do after Korea. Unfortunately things don’t always work out that way and while I do have a few leads, I’m hoping an opportunity will arise soon.

For now, I trying to see the bigger picture and wishing the best. Staying positive is definitely something I want to focus on this year.

… and I’m going to stop promising to update more, but I will promise to come back. Haha.

– Stel


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