Blogging and my personal journal writing is always something I enjoy. I think it’s a weird self gratifying experience. You write. People may or may not read. But, you feel better.

I’ve been picking up a bit on the journal writing side, so naturally I’ve been contemplating on reviving this ol’ blog. I’m sitting here sipping on cold coffee my boyfriend made me this morning – yes, I have a boyfriend now (another self gratifying experience) – and figured what best time to pick up blogging again than now.

I did rearrange some of my posts. So odd to see how I felt two years ago when I first started posting about my move to Seoul. Seems like another life.

With the revamp, I am coining the new set of posts as THE LATE TWENTIES. Oh, if you only knew how much I have grown in the past year or so since I’ve moved back to the States.

For those still abroad, I commend you. Although I dream of moving back from time to time, life in Georgia ain’t so bad. 🙂

– Stel