Virgin Dead. Penis Wanted.

This past three-day weekend, a couple of friends and I went to visit the infamous Haesindang Penis Park in Samcheok, South Korea! This park overlooks an amazing view of the Eastern border of Korea, but is also settled along the base of several mountains. It really is a beautiful place and well, adding penis sculptures just makes this a hot spot for tourists and locals.

We actually stayed in Gangneung (강릉) which is about a little less than an hour ride to downtown Samcheok (삼척), but then another hour ride to the park area. Bleh. The bus from the downtown area to the park only runs every hour so time your trip carefully!

We asked the bus driver to let us know which stop to get off of because it’s one of many stops along the coast. Once you get off the bus you have to walk down the road and eventually you will run into racks and racks and racks of SQUID!! I found this absolutely stunning and couldn’t stop stalking the people working on them. Hehe.

The entrance to the Penis Park!

Now, like most rational people, I’m sure you are asking yourself — WTF is up with all the penis sculptures? Haha. The story behind this park begins with a virgin who drowned in the water before she could …. well, get laid. Upon her death, this coastal town started suffering from the lack of fish. Apparently one drunken fisherman, frustrated and angry, decided to piss in the ocean and the virgin spirit was happily satisfied from the peek of his goodies. Suddenly everyone seemed to understand that she was the one holding the fish back and started to create penis sculptures to hang around the boats. Few years later, this was created. Dun Dun Dunnnn.

*might have embellished on that story a bit (cough)

Stairs leading up to the park!

A mini shrine settled on end of a cliff overlooking the ocean. I believe this is dedicated to her.

One of the larger sculptures and pretty much one that all the foreigners took pictures on. (including me — UHHH)

Each sculpture has a different design and it’s really amazing to see all the work put into creating this park.

Penis sculptures with an ocean view — can’t ask for more! Haha. Seriously though, I loved this place because you saw people of all ages and it was never something perverted. Although, we tend to have a little more fun with these sculptures … probably the American in us. 😛

If you keep walking up, you’ll also hit this area where each penis represents one animal of the chinese zodiac. *highfive if you’re a TIGER

All in all, it was a pretty fun trip. It did take all day to get to this though and we wandered around for about 2 hours. I wanted to hit the cave as well, but we didn’t want to wake up early. Eek.

Here is a link for those who are interested in the specifics of the location: or you could do what we did and just take a bus to Samcheok and ask how to get to the park at the tourist center right outside the bus terminal there! 😉

Note: It’s important to remember that the bus only comes every hour and to time your trip carefully or you’ll be stuck waiting around. Also, the bus from the terminal to the park was about 1,600 won. Cheap!

UMM …. hehehehehehe.