Travels: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam: Pho + Coffee

I am a hugeeee lover of Vietnamese cuisine! There was a long period of time in college that all I ate at any given chance was pho. I also have been rolling my own spring rolls at home for years now. It’s AWESOME. With that said, it was like a dream come true to be able to enjoy a bowl of pho right in the heart of Saigon.

Did you know that pho is usually a breakfast meal? Pho restaurants are also divided by which kind of pho you are looking to eat. I love all things beef, so…

Ignore Sobe. This is the restaurant that we settled on. We had a sorority sister we knew from college (Hi TK!) that was nice enough to host use during our stay in the city. Her roommate took us to a place that the locals love going to and whatever the locals like, I auto-like.

The pot of broth/soup! Pho is simply rice noodles served with a beef or chicken broth, but not simply made. The broth is stewed for hours with all sorts of ingredients to get the best flavor.

Here it is! The lady came over with a bowl of uncooked slices of beef in one hand and a bowl of beef balls in the other to ask us which kind of beef we wanted. BOTH plzzzz. Omg, I drool.

The best part about pho is that you have creative control on what you put in there. There a different sauces and various vegetables.

I never eat pho without a squirt or two of a spicy sauce, bean sprouts, lime, and basil! SO GOOD.

Another renown part of the Vietnamese cuisine is their coffee! This one had some sort of chocolate sauce on it and it was the best ice coffee I’ve had in my life. Hahaha. Beware though, very sugary. Hell, you’re on vacation so just drink it.

Finish! A great meal in a great city.

**This blog post is part of my 2week trip to Malaysia/Cambodia/Vietnam. Click on the link to see what else I’ve done!