little dose of georgia

Getting smartphones was probably one of the weirdest and cutest things that my parents have done. They like to text me random English phrases or send me photos. I wanted to share the two most recent ones.


Cherry blossoms finally in bloom! My dad used to be in the fruit/flower tree business when I was in middle school. He planted these next to their business parking lot a few years ago and wow, don’t they look amazing?!


My puppy makes me smile. Pretty sure she was about to bite the phone when my mom took this picture.

It’s an odd feeling to be on the other side of the world and getting pictures from them. O.O




Yep, that’s right! I got all those pips out in less than 10 mins without a huge mess. Haha, although I can’t take credit for it. A friend of mine put up a FB status about having a hard time taking apart a pomegranate and someone posted a link with a really great technique to de-seeding the fruit! I was so amazed and wanted to share it with ya’ll. 🙂

Click on this link! –>

Enjoy! It must be pom season or something because I usually never really eat this fruit (or any other fruit), but I was in line at the local grocery store in Amsa and couldn’t resist buying two really beautifully red colored pomegranates! YUMMM

one day

I was strolling around New Orleans when I took a trip out there this past August. I went to visit Georgia, but I wanted to use some time to go somewhere I’ve never visited before instead of just staying home for three weeks. I started noticing these one way signs that we’re changed to say “one day” instead. With all that has happened to New Orleans after Katrina, it seemed like someone was trying to send a positive message. I couldn’t stop snapping photos of the signs! These are just 3 pictures of the signs that I took and later edited/messed with.

  new orleans // august.twentyeleven


The weather has been warming up and a friend (PF) suggested that we go bike riding along the Han river that runs through the city of Seoul. Both our schools were conducting midterms for the week and we’re let out early on those days, so why not!

We met up in Jamsil (where Line 2/Green and Line 8/Pink meet) and there is a place that you can rent bicycles for free for a couple of hours as long as you show them your ID (between Exits 1 and 2).  We obviously had to get matching pink ones. Haha.

The weather was perfect except that it was a bit windy, but we rode from Jamsil up to Amsa-dong. It was great feeling the sun on your skin and the breeze in your hair. Unfortunately, on our way back — we were going against the wind. Let me tell you, it was like trying to run in a knee deep of water. Ow!

We made it out eventually and just seemed right to go eat tacos after. Hehe.